Pennsic 2016 diary and songs are now up!

For those who might have missed it, my Pennsic diary for 2016 is now online. You can access it, along with all previous years, on my Pennsic Diaries page. Fair warning: it’s about 23,000 words long this year!

I also wrote two songs while I was at Pennsic: John Forgot his Trousers and The Marauders Jingle. Please enjoy!

Where to find the Pocket Bard at Pennsic 45

So, you want to hang out with the Pocket Bard at Pennsic, huh? To do that, you’ll need to know where to find me. I’m camped with McGuire’s Marauders (N06), but oftentimes I’m not there. Pretty much the only time you can come by camp and be mostly-assured of seeing me is at breakfast. The rest of the day I tend to wander.

But what if you really want to find me? Here are some places I will definitely be, because I’ve made a commitment to be there:

Peace Week:

  • Tuesday, 3:00-4:30, AS 1: Teaching “Sexy, Silly, Scheming Saints”
  • Thursday, 12:00-1:00, AS 7: Teaching “Your Persona in an Hour”
  • Thursday, o’dark to late, McGuire’s Marauders (N06): Co-hosting “Maraude at Home” bardic circle

War Week:

  • Monday: 10:00-11:30, AS 3: Teaching “Sexy, Silly, Scheming Saints”
  • Monday, 2:00-3:30, McGuire’s Marauders (N06): Co-hosting “Crossing Cultures in Storytelling”
  • Tuesday, 2:00-4:00, Bog University (E24): Teaching “SCA’s Greatest Hits” (substitute teacher for Liam St. Liam)
  • Wednesday, 5:00-6:00, AS 5: Teaching “Your Persona in an Hour”


Otherwise, a better plan is to add yourself to my “wander list”. I try to make it to these camps at least every few days, so hopefully the chances will be good that I run into you. The wander list as it currently stands is:


  • Bhakail (N11)
  • Dione Sidhe (N07)
  • Westengate (N03)
  • Northshield (E02)
  • High Rafters (E03)
  • East Kingdom Royal (E06)
  • Vestfell (E06)
  • House Silverkeep (E15)

Runestone Hill:

  • Painted Wheel / Barony of an Dubhealgeann (W03)
  • Eoforwic (W08)
  • Enchanted Ground (W09)


  • Shauna’s Camp (W11)
  • Casa Bardicci (E19)
  • Wild Rose (E24)
  • Havres des Glaces (E18)

Dagan’s Dell:

  • Sharc / Quatrefoil (N21)
  • Coldwood / Mountain Freehold (N29)

Do you want to be added to the list? Just let me know and I will be happy to include you! I always love camps that love a wandering performer! (Bonus points if you feed me. You will be my best friends forever.)

I hope to see you all soon! Safe travels!

Pennsic -2 weeks report

In fifteen days, I will be at Pennsic. As is inevitable, I am not nearly as ready as I thought I’d be. One of these years, I’m gonna do what I promise myself every year at War: get everything organized during my 50-week “town run” so that I’m super-prepped with plenty of time to spare.

Ahahahaha… I crack myself up sometimes. Let’s be honest: it’s gonna be like this forever.

While I only start my formal Pennsic diary once I get in the car to War, I have enough thoughts spinning in my head that I thought I’d write them all down. So consider this a preview of the Pocket Bard’s 2016 Pennsic Diary, two weeks early.

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Event Report: War of the Roses

All right, it might be a few days late, but it’s time for my War of the Roses event report! *Kermit arm flail*

This report is late because Roses was ridiculously hot and completely knocked me off my feet. Daytime humidex on Saturday was about 40 degrees (Celsius, obviously), and it never really cooled off at night. It was Pennsic weather without any chance to get used to it. It was so bad that I’m still tired, two days later.

But! That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself. Heat aside, I had a great time. Here’s how I spent it:

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Event Report: Birka

The short version: I enjoyed myself, though maybe not as much as I expected, and I’m not sure I’ll go back.

The long version is behind the cut.

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Pennsic 2013 diary is now up!

For those who have been waiting all week with baited breath, the Pennsic 42 (2013) diary is now up! Also up is my one new song of War, “The Titivillus Can-Can.” Go on over and take a look!

Pocket Bard’s event report – Northern Region War Camp

Today’s question: how much can you accomplish in 22 hours of blinding heat and humidity? Quite a lot, it turns out.

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Pennsic wander list 2013

Here are the camps on my “wander list” so far. I try to make it out to these camps at least once every few days, though I admit those of you in Dagan’s Dell or the Highlands may see me infrequently, if at all. I’m pretty sure there are at least a few incorrect camp locations on this list, so please correct me if you see something wrong.

My Camp: McGuire’s Marauders (N06)

– Bhakail (N11)
– Dione Sidhe (N07)
– Northshield (E02)
– High Rafters (E03)
– East Kingdom Royal (E06)

– Eoforwic (W08)
– Enchanted Ground (W09)
– Shauna’s Camp (W11)
– Bard’s Haven (E19)
– Casa Bardicci (E20)
– Wild Rose (E24)
– Regnesfolk Myrkfaelinn (E23)
– Havres des Glaces (E18)

Dagan’s Dell:
– Sharc / Quatrefoil (N21)
– Coldwood / Mountain Freehold (N29)
– Concordia of the Snows / Vestfell (N36)

Researching a New Persona, Part 2

Okay, I lied. I still don’t know who Katherine is amidst the backdrop of early 14th century England. But I’ve been doing some reading, and it was interesting enough to me that I figured I’d write down what I’ve found out so far so that I have a record of it somewhere.

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Researching a New Persona, Part 1

Yes, it’s that time of the decade again: the time where I decide I want a new persona. My original persona, a 12th century minor noble from England, was never particularly fleshed out. My second person, a Norse storyteller from the time of King Cnut, never quite gelled for me. So now I’m on to persona number three, also called Katherine Ashewode, and I think this one’s the winner.

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