The Pocket Bard will be at Pennsic!

If you’re going to Pennsic, keep an eye out for your favorite Pocket Bard. I’ll be camping with McGuire’s Marauders (N06), right behind Ansteorra Royal. There is an easy way to find my camp: stand in front of the Performing Arts Pavilion, facing the battlefield. Look about halfway down the block, on the right-hand side, for a pink-and-white striped tent. That’s McGuire’s Marauders. Stop on in!

A few other places you’ll probably find me at Pennsic:
– Thursday, first week, o’dark:
Aethelmearc storytelling circle (Aethelmearc Royal)

– Friday, first week, 1 pm:
my class, “Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank” (AS 10)

– Middle Saturday, o’dark:
Aethelmearc filk circle (Aethelmearc Royal)

– Middle Sunday, 2 pm:
my class, “Your Persona in an Hour” (AS 1)

– Middle Sunday, 5 pm:
Efenwealt Wystle concert (performing arts pavilion)

– Monday, War Week, 3 pm:
presenting a paper at the “Boreal Master Symposium” (AS 8 )

– Tuesday, War Week, 8 pm:
Cerian Cantwr’s concert (performing arts pavilion)

– Wednesday, War Week, 8 pm:
Marian of Heatherdale’s concert (performing arts pavilion)

– Thursday, War Week, 3 pm:
my class, “Your Persona in an Hour” (AS 1)

I’ll be out and about at Pennsic, so if you see a bard that looks like she could fit in your pocket, stop by and say “hi!”

Seven new songs added!

It’s that time again: time for more songs to magically find their way to Home of the Pocket Bard. Today features a half-dozen songs from my early days as a bard, all about a “pirate” ship I served aboard, The Lady Joane Glory. (Pirate is such a strong word, don’t you think?)

Also today is a poem that’s among my favourites, Ernst Takes a Student, that I wrote when I joined the household of “Da Coach,” Master Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.

You can see these new songs, as well as all the others, on the Master Song List page. Look for a few more before the end of the week, and look for lots of new stuff after I come back from Pennsic!