Updates to Home of the Pocket Bard

Hi everyone! Just did some more updating to Home of the Pocket Bard. I’ve uploaded the last two Pennsic diaries (for 2003 and 2004). I’ve also posted two songs. The first, “I Passed the Devil’s Pickup Truck,” is a silly little song I wrote for a friend of mine a few years ago. The other, “For Grandma and Grandpa,” was a 60th anniversary present for my grandparents.


Past Pennsic diaries uploaded

Hi everyone! I’ve been a busy little bard tonight and transferred over three years’ worth of Pennsic diaries to Home of the Pocket Bard, from 2006 to 2008. You can find them at the Pennsic diaries page. This is all content that was previously on The SCA Without Breaking the Bank, so if you’ve read it there, you won’t find anything new here. But, on the up-side, WordPress is *not* shutting down at the end of October (unlike Yahoo! Geocities, grumble, grumble), so you’ll be able to continue reading my Pennsic diaries for years to come when you get nostalgic.

For those who are counting, there are two more Pennsic diaries coming. I just didn’t have time to transfer everything tonight. Look for them in the next few days.

Brand new song! Written yesterday!

I had some time yesterday to fulfill one of my Pennsic commitments, namely to write a poem in honour of Dione Sidhe’s kitchen house, which was completed at this year’s War. (To see a picture of the kitchen house, click here).

I decided to go the “tell a story” route, though I chose to err on the side of fable rather than fact. I got the official stamp of approval from Mistress Brid this morning, so I present to you The Sign of the Duck, another Pocket Bard original.

Six new songs up!

I’ve been doing some updating around Home of the Pocket Bard. Today I’ve uploaded six backlogged songs that I’ve written over the last few years. You’ll find them at the master song list under “Period-esque Poems,” “Teaching Poems,” (both at the top) and “Songs for Friends and Family” (at the bottom).

Today’s update includes the poem that won me my silver bracelet from Duke Cariadoc. If you don’t know why I find this so mind-shatteringly awesome, ask me sometime. It also includes a poem based on my absolute favourite story from the Bible, full of sex, deception, and intrigue. There’s a sonnet about writing sonnets and a ballad about writing ballads. There’s also a poem I wrote in honour of my mom’s 55th birthday and a belated Christmas card. (How often do you celebrate belated Christmas? Yeah, that’s about what I thought.)


New song from Pennsic

Hi everyone! I’ve hinted that I wrote a new song at Pennsic, and now you can see it in all its uploaded glory. It’s called “The Rubber Duckies of Dione Sidhe.” There’s a story of how it came about on the page itself.

As a side-note, this song was nearly called “The Rubber Ducky Breeding Grounds of Pennsic,” but I couldn’t work in ducky breeding into the song.


Pennsic 2009 diary is up!

Yes, that’s right! The Pennsic 2009 diary is up in all its 17,000-word glory. Just because I know you guys don’t have anything better to do this weekend than read through 17,000 words of what I was doing at Pennsic. Go check it out here.

For the truly masochistic, previous Pennsic diaries are still up at The SCA Without Breaking the Bank. They’ll all be transferring over here soon.

Happy reading!

Back from Pennsic!

Honey, I’m home! Yes, I’m back from those magical two weeks called Pennsic. I got home on Sunday afternoon and immediately went off to a Heather Dale house concert. It felt like I was still at War! That is, it felt that way until I worked 4.5 hours of overtime on my first day back at work.

Now, I know the question in all of your minds, “When’s your Pennsic diary going to be online, so we can read all about your adventures?” Never fear, my dear readers. The answer is, “Soon.” I’m about a third of the way through typing it out, and then it’s only a matter of putting it up on this very site. Look for it by the end of the week. I’ll be sure to post an announcement when it’s ready.

Until then, know that I had a wonderful time at War, with one exception: I was stung by irony. Yes, it’s true. I stepped on a bee while walking to buy shoes. If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is. My foot swelled up and I couldn’t walk for two and a half days, an eternity at Pennsic! But I’m fine now, and the rest of my War was wonderful. So keep your eyes peeled, ’cause in mere days, you’ll have all the information you could possibly want!