Past Pennsic diaries uploaded

Hi everyone! I’ve been a busy little bard tonight and transferred over three years’ worth of Pennsic diaries to Home of the Pocket Bard, from 2006 to 2008. You can find them at the Pennsic diaries page. This is all content that was previously on The SCA Without Breaking the Bank, so if you’ve read it there, you won’t find anything new here. But, on the up-side, WordPress is *not* shutting down at the end of October (unlike Yahoo! Geocities, grumble, grumble), so you’ll be able to continue reading my Pennsic diaries for years to come when you get nostalgic.

For those who are counting, there are two more Pennsic diaries coming. I just didn’t have time to transfer everything tonight. Look for them in the next few days.


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