An oldie but a goodie!

I just posted up a new song to Home of the Pocket Bard, called The LAC Italy Trip 2005 Drinking Song. Which is more or less exactly what it is. I wrote it back in 2005, just after graduating with my B.A., when I was in Italy with a bunch of people from the Liberal Arts College at Concordia.

An anecdote about this song. Based as it is after “The Old Dun Cow,” there’s a call and response line. (Call: “Somebody shouted out ‘Lenore!'” Response: “Lenore!”) I was once singing this song at a restaurant where our whole group of about 25 people were having dinner, and a waiter walked into the room just as everyone shouted “Lenore!” I swear that guy nearly had a heart attack. I’ve never seen a waiter so startled.

Ah, good times in Italy…

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