Beowulf the Event

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being part of an immersion bardic event, where the focus of the day was performing the entirety of Beowulf. The setting was stupendous — the event organizers had decked out a regular community center hall so that it looked just like an Anglo-Saxon mead hall. It was one of the finest SCA events I’ve been to in twelve years in the SCA.

One of the participants recorded the entire thing with a stationary camera poking in through one of the curtains, and has made it available as a YouTube channel. I highly recommend checking it out. You can also see my section, which I think went over quite well. (Caveat: there’s someone moving in and out right in front of the camera for the first minute or so of my performance. Stick with it — they eventually go away.)

If you’re interested in seeing my thoughts in much greater detail, you can check out this post on my livejournal (warning! 3500 words!), which I wrote in the days after the event.

For those who will be at Pennsic, the organizers are planning on doing an abbreviated “Beowulf, the Road Show”, which will be a condensed version (2 hours instead of 5). Details TBA!