Pennsic bardic – any requests?

Pennsic is fast approaching and I’ve started reviewing my bardic repertoire. Which leads me to an important question: Do I have any requests? If there’s a piece you’ve heard me perform that you absolutely want me to do again, or there’s a song in the Master Song List you’ve always wanted to hear, or there’s a piece I don’t do but you’d like me to learn… now’s your chance! Speak now or be satisfied with the 70-odd songs that are currently on my request list.


A week of poetry performance – Day 5

Today’s YouTube performance, The Tale of Reprobus, is an actual period story, and a popular one. It tells the tale of a man so blinded by his own pride that he leaves the service of a king to follow the devil, and only later does he realize the error of his ways. Be sure to watch all the way to the end to find out Reprobus’ secret superhero identity! (You can read the poem here.)

This piece, incidentally, earned me a silver bracelet from Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, one of my most treasured possessions.

A week of poetry performance – Day 4

Today’s YouTube performance is another piece for Casa Bardicci, entitled A New Home (lyrics here). It commemorates the Casa’s 2008 move (Pennsic 37) from it’s native Bologna to Venice. In other words, the Casa’s campsite was moved from its traditional spot to one a little further around the lake, that happened to have a river running through it. But they pulled it off! In fact, they placed the dance hall directly above the river! This, I thought, was surely deserving of poetry. Enjoy!

A week of poetry performance – Day 3

Today’s YouTube upload is a poem called The Clash of Three Armies (lyrics here). It tells the story of the regicide field battle at Pennsic 37 (2008), in which Calontir led an army of Eastern and Midrealm ex-allies against their former compatriots… and got soundly smashed. And then what happened after. This piece was commissioned by Countess Alethea of the East (then Princess), and features Kings Konrad of the East, Lutr of the Midrealm, and Anton of Calontir.

A week of poetry performance – day 2

Today’s Pocket Bard original performance is The Sign of the Duck. (Lyrics here.) It’s a fable-like piece describing the creation of Dione Sidhe’s kitchen house at Pennsic. The poem was commissioned by Mistress Brid, co-head of Dione Sidhe, and features Lord Geoffrey, the other co-head. For those who are interested, you can see a picture of the kitchen house here. Enjoy!

A week of poetry performance!

Every day this week, I’m going to post a video of one of my original poems up to my YouTube channel. Why? Because I can! The week starts off with an old classic, A Warning to Thieves. (Lyrics here.) In it, Domenico learns that it’s just not a good idea to steal from Casa Bardicci, as he’s subsequently demoted, plagued by diseases (including children!), killed, and snubbed by Christ himself. It’s one of those quintessential Pennsic stories, and it’s absolutely true! (Mostly.)

Come back tomorrow to see another original Pocket Bard poem, performed by the Pocket Bard herself!