Where to find the Pocket Bard at Pennsic

Pennsic is fast upon us, so it seems like the right time to post a list of places you’ll be able to find me. This is far from a complete list of the things I want to do — many evenings are double- or triple-booked — but it includes most of the things I’m pretty sure of, either because I’m in charge or because there’s nothing else I know happening at that time. *grin*

Where I’m camping: McGuire’s Marauder’s, N06. Stand in front of the Performing Arts Pavilion, face the battlefield, and look for the pink-and-white striped tents on your right. I’ll be arriving the evening of Land Grab Saturday and staying until the last weekend, time TBD and dependent on allergies.

Where I’ll be:
– Peace Week Monday (Aug 1), o’dark, Calontir Royal: Rhodri’s honeymoon bardic
– Peace Week Wednesday (Aug 3), noon, AS 10: teaching Your Persona in an Hour
– Peace Week Wednesday (Aug 3), o’dark, Aethelmearc Royal: Haakon’s bardic circle
– Peace Week Thursday (Aug 4), 10 a.m., AS 10: teaching Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank
– Peace Week Thursday (Aug 4), suppertime, McGuire’s Marauders: hosting Master Efenwealt Wystle and his family as they sing for their supper
– Middle Friday (Aug 5), 8:30 p.m., meeting at A&S tents: “Peerless” bardic amoeba
– Middle Saturday (Aug 6), 11 a.m., AS 11: teaching Your Group’s Persona in an Hour
– Middle Sunday (Aug 7), 1:30 p.m., Runestone Hill: “Peerless” bardic circle
– Middle Sunday (Aug 7), 4:00 p.m., AS 10: presenting a paper at the Boreal Master Symposium
– War Week Monday (Aug 8), 8:30 p.m., Trotheim N20: performing in Beowulf the Road Show
– War Week Tuesday (Aug 9), noon, AS 10: teaching Your Persona in an Hour
– War Week Tuesday (Aug 9), o’dark, various: some combination of Zsof’s vigil, Dahrien’s vigil, and the Harpwood Hall jam session
– War Week Wednesday (Aug 10), 6 p.m., Performing Arts: performing the intermezzos at the Lorelei Skye concert
– War Week Wednesday (Aug 10), 9 p.m., Performing Arts: taking in the Marian of Heatherdale concert

If you don’t see your event or class on this list, never fear! It’s probably on my schedule already, I just can’t be 100% sure I’ll be there. (Pennsic is Pennsic. Plans change with weather and whim.) If you think I *don’t* know about your event, comment! Let me know! I’ll try to make it!

And if you’d like to get together for an impromptu Your Inner Vagabond trip, want to join me in some singing and storytelling, or have a small child for me to play with, just let me know! So much to do, so little time to do it in!


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