Pennsic 2011 diary is up!

Wondrous news! This year’s Pennsic diary, The Pocket Bard Takes the Stage is up and ready for your enjoyment! Clocking in at approximately 19,000 words, it’s a day-by-day, circle-by-circle account of how I spent this year’s War. Most excitingly: I got to take the stage in the “Heather Dale and Friends” show. Yes, the Pocket Bard up on stage before a packed house, for the very first time! Will I do it again? Only time will tell.

In any event, happy reading!


Pennsic diary update: real soon now!

I’ve been back from War for almost a week, and I know what many of you are thinking: “Pocket Bard, where’s this year’s Pennsic diary?” Never fear! I am hard at work. So far I’ve transcribed 11 days (up to War Week Tuesday) and have four to go. The current word count is about 13,000 words. Whew!

For the curious, I wrote one new piece at Pennsic (on commission) and I’ll be posting another that I wrote shortly beforehand. Look for everything to be up online by the end of this weekend or early next week. I miss Pennsic already!

(And if anyone has any pictures they may have take of me, I’d love to see them!)