Where to find the Pocket Bard at Pennsic, 2012 edition

Pennsic is fast approaching, and the question I know is on everybody’s mind is, “When can I get to see the Pocket Bard?” (If it’s not the question on your mind, you know it should be. *grin*)

So, to sate your curiosity, here we go!

As always, I will be camping with McGuire’s Marauders, N06. To find it, stand in front of Performing Arts and face towards the battlefield. Look on your right for the pink-and-white striped tents. That’s us.

Naturally, I won’t be in camp very much. I tend to wander around a lot. If you want your camp to be on my “Pocket Bard-friendly” list of destinations, be sure to let me know who you are and where you’re camped. I try to get out to see everyone at least once every 2-3 days, weather permitting. I particularly like appreciative audiences, people who feed me, and small children to play with.

There are a few places I’m almost guaranteed to be. Here’s that list:
– Monday Peace Week, o’dark: “Welcome to Pennsic” bardic circle (Calontir Royal)
– Wednesday Peace Week, 10 a.m.: Teaching “Sexy, Silly, Scheming Saints” (AS4)
– Wednesday Peace Week, o’dark: Haakon’s bardic circle (Aethelmearc Royal)
– Thursday Peace Week, o’dark: “Maraude at Home” bardic circle (McGuire’s Marauders, N06)
– Friday Peace Week, 1 p.m.: Teaching “Your Persona in an Hour” (AS4)
– Middle Sunday, 2 p.m.: Tea Social (McGuire’s Marauders, N06)
– Middle Sunday, o’dark: Lowdy Toady party (Casa Bardicci)
– Monday War Week, 10 a.m.: Teaching “Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank” (AS5)
– Monday War Week, o’dark: Heralding Liam St. Liam into the Royal Dinner, possibly serving afterwards (East Kingdom Royal)
– Tuesday War Week, o’dark: Harpwood Hall jam session (Harpwood Hall)
– Thursday War Week, 3 p.m.: Teaching “Your Person in an Hour” (AS4)
– Thursday War Week, 4 p.m.: Guarding the East Kingdom gate (East Kingdom Royal)
– Thursday War Week, o’dark: Hoity Toity party (Casa Bardicci)

So… that should hopefully be enough to get everyone started. I will, naturally, also be available to drink hot or cold beverages at the Inner Vagabond at a moment’s notice, and I’m sure there will be more bardic circles I’ll only find out about when I get to War. Come find me and I’ll tell you what they are! For I am Katherine Ashewode, bardic enabler! See you at War!