Pennsic 2012 Diary is online!

Friends, I know you didn’t have anything else planned for this weekend, so why not browse through 15,000 words of Pennsic nostalgia? That’s right, this year’s Pennsic diary is online! In it, you’ll discover that I became Mistress Marian of Heatherdale’s apprentice, performed for the royalty of the Known World, and went on stage for the intermissions of Lorelei of Skye’s Wednesday night show. I also performed a whole bunch of new saint stories, which will be posted online soon, and wrote a bunch of new pieces: 1. a poem for Liam St. Liam’s “crown polishing” quest, 2. Hours at Troll, 3. Sixteen Shirts, 4. The Excuse Note, and 5. Marian Doesn’t Like Wool.

I wasn’t able to put as many links in to friends’ pages this year, because it’s been crazy-busy in the office and my boyfriend’s brother is getting married in two days, but I know you’ll forgive me. The important thing is that you can now re-live the Pocket Bard’s two weeks at Pennsic as though you were there yourself. Have at!