Pennsic -2 weeks report

In fifteen days, I will be at Pennsic. As is inevitable, I am not nearly as ready as I thought I’d be. One of these years, I’m gonna do what I promise myself every year at War: get everything organized during my 50-week “town run” so that I’m super-prepped with plenty of time to spare.

Ahahahaha… I crack myself up sometimes. Let’s be honest: it’s gonna be like this forever.

While I only start my formal Pennsic diary once I get in the car to War, I have enough thoughts spinning in my head that I thought I’d write them all down. So consider this a preview of the Pocket Bard’s 2016 Pennsic Diary, two weeks early.

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Pennsic wander list 2013

Here are the camps on my “wander list” so far. I try to make it out to these camps at least once every few days, though I admit those of you in Dagan’s Dell or the Highlands may see me infrequently, if at all. I’m pretty sure there are at least a few incorrect camp locations on this list, so please correct me if you see something wrong.

My Camp: McGuire’s Marauders (N06)

– Bhakail (N11)
– Dione Sidhe (N07)
– Northshield (E02)
– High Rafters (E03)
– East Kingdom Royal (E06)

– Eoforwic (W08)
– Enchanted Ground (W09)
– Shauna’s Camp (W11)
– Bard’s Haven (E19)
– Casa Bardicci (E20)
– Wild Rose (E24)
– Regnesfolk Myrkfaelinn (E23)
– Havres des Glaces (E18)

Dagan’s Dell:
– Sharc / Quatrefoil (N21)
– Coldwood / Mountain Freehold (N29)
– Concordia of the Snows / Vestfell (N36)

Pennsic 2012 Diary is online!

Friends, I know you didn’t have anything else planned for this weekend, so why not browse through 15,000 words of Pennsic nostalgia? That’s right, this year’s Pennsic diary is online! In it, you’ll discover that I became Mistress Marian of Heatherdale’s apprentice, performed for the royalty of the Known World, and went on stage for the intermissions of Lorelei of Skye’s Wednesday night show. I also performed a whole bunch of new saint stories, which will be posted online soon, and wrote a bunch of new pieces: 1. a poem for Liam St. Liam’s “crown polishing” quest, 2. Hours at Troll, 3. Sixteen Shirts, 4. The Excuse Note, and 5. Marian Doesn’t Like Wool.

I wasn’t able to put as many links in to friends’ pages this year, because it’s been crazy-busy in the office and my boyfriend’s brother is getting married in two days, but I know you’ll forgive me. The important thing is that you can now re-live the Pocket Bard’s two weeks at Pennsic as though you were there yourself. Have at!

Where to find the Pocket Bard at Pennsic, 2012 edition

Pennsic is fast approaching, and the question I know is on everybody’s mind is, “When can I get to see the Pocket Bard?” (If it’s not the question on your mind, you know it should be. *grin*)

So, to sate your curiosity, here we go!

As always, I will be camping with McGuire’s Marauders, N06. To find it, stand in front of Performing Arts and face towards the battlefield. Look on your right for the pink-and-white striped tents. That’s us.

Naturally, I won’t be in camp very much. I tend to wander around a lot. If you want your camp to be on my “Pocket Bard-friendly” list of destinations, be sure to let me know who you are and where you’re camped. I try to get out to see everyone at least once every 2-3 days, weather permitting. I particularly like appreciative audiences, people who feed me, and small children to play with.

There are a few places I’m almost guaranteed to be. Here’s that list:
– Monday Peace Week, o’dark: “Welcome to Pennsic” bardic circle (Calontir Royal)
– Wednesday Peace Week, 10 a.m.: Teaching “Sexy, Silly, Scheming Saints” (AS4)
– Wednesday Peace Week, o’dark: Haakon’s bardic circle (Aethelmearc Royal)
– Thursday Peace Week, o’dark: “Maraude at Home” bardic circle (McGuire’s Marauders, N06)
– Friday Peace Week, 1 p.m.: Teaching “Your Persona in an Hour” (AS4)
– Middle Sunday, 2 p.m.: Tea Social (McGuire’s Marauders, N06)
– Middle Sunday, o’dark: Lowdy Toady party (Casa Bardicci)
– Monday War Week, 10 a.m.: Teaching “Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank” (AS5)
– Monday War Week, o’dark: Heralding Liam St. Liam into the Royal Dinner, possibly serving afterwards (East Kingdom Royal)
– Tuesday War Week, o’dark: Harpwood Hall jam session (Harpwood Hall)
– Thursday War Week, 3 p.m.: Teaching “Your Person in an Hour” (AS4)
– Thursday War Week, 4 p.m.: Guarding the East Kingdom gate (East Kingdom Royal)
– Thursday War Week, o’dark: Hoity Toity party (Casa Bardicci)

So… that should hopefully be enough to get everyone started. I will, naturally, also be available to drink hot or cold beverages at the Inner Vagabond at a moment’s notice, and I’m sure there will be more bardic circles I’ll only find out about when I get to War. Come find me and I’ll tell you what they are! For I am Katherine Ashewode, bardic enabler! See you at War!

Pennsic diary update: real soon now!

I’ve been back from War for almost a week, and I know what many of you are thinking: “Pocket Bard, where’s this year’s Pennsic diary?” Never fear! I am hard at work. So far I’ve transcribed 11 days (up to War Week Tuesday) and have four to go. The current word count is about 13,000 words. Whew!

For the curious, I wrote one new piece at Pennsic (on commission) and I’ll be posting another that I wrote shortly beforehand. Look for everything to be up online by the end of this weekend or early next week. I miss Pennsic already!

(And if anyone has any pictures they may have take of me, I’d love to see them!)

Updates to Home of the Pocket Bard

Hi everyone! Just did some more updating to Home of the Pocket Bard. I’ve uploaded the last two Pennsic diaries (for 2003 and 2004). I’ve also posted two songs. The first, “I Passed the Devil’s Pickup Truck,” is a silly little song I wrote for a friend of mine a few years ago. The other, “For Grandma and Grandpa,” was a 60th anniversary present for my grandparents.


Past Pennsic diaries uploaded

Hi everyone! I’ve been a busy little bard tonight and transferred over three years’ worth of Pennsic diaries to Home of the Pocket Bard, from 2006 to 2008. You can find them at the Pennsic diaries page. This is all content that was previously on The SCA Without Breaking the Bank, so if you’ve read it there, you won’t find anything new here. But, on the up-side, WordPress is *not* shutting down at the end of October (unlike Yahoo! Geocities, grumble, grumble), so you’ll be able to continue reading my Pennsic diaries for years to come when you get nostalgic.

For those who are counting, there are two more Pennsic diaries coming. I just didn’t have time to transfer everything tonight. Look for them in the next few days.

Brand new song! Written yesterday!

I had some time yesterday to fulfill one of my Pennsic commitments, namely to write a poem in honour of Dione Sidhe’s kitchen house, which was completed at this year’s War. (To see a picture of the kitchen house, click here).

I decided to go the “tell a story” route, though I chose to err on the side of fable rather than fact. I got the official stamp of approval from Mistress Brid this morning, so I present to you The Sign of the Duck, another Pocket Bard original.

New song from Pennsic

Hi everyone! I’ve hinted that I wrote a new song at Pennsic, and now you can see it in all its uploaded glory. It’s called “The Rubber Duckies of Dione Sidhe.” There’s a story of how it came about on the page itself.

As a side-note, this song was nearly called “The Rubber Ducky Breeding Grounds of Pennsic,” but I couldn’t work in ducky breeding into the song.


Pennsic 2009 diary is up!

Yes, that’s right! The Pennsic 2009 diary is up in all its 17,000-word glory. Just because I know you guys don’t have anything better to do this weekend than read through 17,000 words of what I was doing at Pennsic. Go check it out here.

For the truly masochistic, previous Pennsic diaries are still up at The SCA Without Breaking the Bank. They’ll all be transferring over here soon.

Happy reading!

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