Pennsic 2012 Diary is online!

Friends, I know you didn’t have anything else planned for this weekend, so why not browse through 15,000 words of Pennsic nostalgia? That’s right, this year’s Pennsic diary is online! In it, you’ll discover that I became Mistress Marian of Heatherdale’s apprentice, performed for the royalty of the Known World, and went on stage for the intermissions of Lorelei of Skye’s Wednesday night show. I also performed a whole bunch of new saint stories, which will be posted online soon, and wrote a bunch of new pieces: 1. a poem for Liam St. Liam’s “crown polishing” quest, 2. Hours at Troll, 3. Sixteen Shirts, 4. The Excuse Note, and 5. Marian Doesn’t Like Wool.

I wasn’t able to put as many links in to friends’ pages this year, because it’s been crazy-busy in the office and my boyfriend’s brother is getting married in two days, but I know you’ll forgive me. The important thing is that you can now re-live the Pocket Bard’s two weeks at Pennsic as though you were there yourself. Have at!


Updates to Home of the Pocket Bard

Hi everyone! Just did some more updating to Home of the Pocket Bard. I’ve uploaded the last two Pennsic diaries (for 2003 and 2004). I’ve also posted two songs. The first, “I Passed the Devil’s Pickup Truck,” is a silly little song I wrote for a friend of mine a few years ago. The other, “For Grandma and Grandpa,” was a 60th anniversary present for my grandparents.


Six new songs up!

I’ve been doing some updating around Home of the Pocket Bard. Today I’ve uploaded six backlogged songs that I’ve written over the last few years. You’ll find them at the master song list under “Period-esque Poems,” “Teaching Poems,” (both at the top) and “Songs for Friends and Family” (at the bottom).

Today’s update includes the poem that won me my silver bracelet from Duke Cariadoc. If you don’t know why I find this so mind-shatteringly awesome, ask me sometime. It also includes a poem based on my absolute favourite story from the Bible, full of sex, deception, and intrigue. There’s a sonnet about writing sonnets and a ballad about writing ballads. There’s also a poem I wrote in honour of my mom’s 55th birthday and a belated Christmas card. (How often do you celebrate belated Christmas? Yeah, that’s about what I thought.)


New song from Pennsic

Hi everyone! I’ve hinted that I wrote a new song at Pennsic, and now you can see it in all its uploaded glory. It’s called “The Rubber Duckies of Dione Sidhe.” There’s a story of how it came about on the page itself.

As a side-note, this song was nearly called “The Rubber Ducky Breeding Grounds of Pennsic,” but I couldn’t work in ducky breeding into the song.


Seven new songs added!

It’s that time again: time for more songs to magically find their way to Home of the Pocket Bard. Today features a half-dozen songs from my early days as a bard, all about a “pirate” ship I served aboard, The Lady Joane Glory. (Pirate is such a strong word, don’t you think?)

Also today is a poem that’s among my favourites, Ernst Takes a Student, that I wrote when I joined the household of “Da Coach,” Master Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.

You can see these new songs, as well as all the others, on the Master Song List page. Look for a few more before the end of the week, and look for lots of new stuff after I come back from Pennsic!

A baker’s dozen of new songs

You know what statutory holidays are really good for? Getting backlogged songs up on Home of the Pocket Bard! Today brings us 13 new songs: 8 of them about the SCA in general, and 5 about roleplaying games I’ve played. As always, you can see them all on the Master Song List. Enjoy!

Eight new songs uploaded to Home of the Pocket Bard

That’s right, it’s time for another update! Eight new songs are available at Home of the Pocket Bard for your reading and singing pleasure. Three songs are about my time at Massey College, and five are about my SCA barony, L’Ile du Dragon Dormant (including two about House of the Broken Axe). You can see them all at The Master Song List.

More songs are coming! Keep your browsers at the ready!

Big update to Home of the Pocket Bard!

Hi all! I’ve decided that instead of posting my songs on the blog itself, it would be easier if I set them up as webpages and just posted a general “I’ve updated the site” posts, kinda like this one.

So this is just a little announcement that there are now 17 poems and songs up on Home of the Pocket Bard, including nearly a dozen for Pennsic and four for the Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic 2009 filk competition. I was an “honorary mention” in the competition, and I’m actually featured in a cameo in today’s comic, number 1106. Go check it out! I’m the halfling on the bench! Thanks, Rich!

This is only about a third of the pieces I expect to have up on Home of the Pocket Bard in the near future. Be sure to keep your feed readers at the ready! Until then, enjoy the pieces that are now up through the Master Song List page.