Big update to Home of the Pocket Bard!

Hi all! I’ve decided that instead of posting my songs on the blog itself, it would be easier if I set them up as webpages and just posted a general “I’ve updated the site” posts, kinda like this one.

So this is just a little announcement that there are now 17 poems and songs up on Home of the Pocket Bard, including nearly a dozen for Pennsic and four for the Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic 2009 filk competition. I was an “honorary mention” in the competition, and I’m actually featured in a cameo in today’s comic, number 1106. Go check it out! I’m the halfling on the bench! Thanks, Rich!

This is only about a third of the pieces I expect to have up on Home of the Pocket Bard in the near future. Be sure to keep your feed readers at the ready! Until then, enjoy the pieces that are now up through the Master Song List page.