A knight praying to the Virgin Mary misses a tournament, but wins anyway

Pocket Bard’s notes: I think this would be a great story to tell to fighters before their tournaments. Something with a punchy ending like, “So you see, you can have both your faith and your prowess! If you believe truly enough, you will surely emerge victorious!” Also, I’d like to see the whole story extended and made funnier, emphasizing the knight walking to the tourney field as people keep stopping him and going, “Good fight today!”, each in a more outlandish tale than the last. I’ll probably write this one up at some point, because I think it could be really funny.

A knight praying to the Virgin Mary misses a tournament, but wins anyway
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p. 154

There was a knight who was dauntless in combat and also fervently devoted to the Blessed Virgin. On his way to a tournament he came to a monastery built in honor of the Virgin and want in to hear mass; but one mass succeeded another, and for the Virgin’s honor he did not want to miss any of them. Finally he left the monastery and rode as fast as he could toward the field of the tourney. And behold, he was met by knights coming back from the field, and they congratulated him for jousting so well. All who had been there said the same, and all applauded his mastery in the lists. There were also some who said he had captured them, and they surrounded to him forthwith. The knight, a man of discernment, saw that the courtly Queen had honored him in a courtly way. He explained what had happened, returned to the monastery, and thereafter soldiered for the Son of the Virgin.


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