A student joins the Dominican friars after seeing a vision

Pocket Bard’s notes: I probably won’t ever perform this; I find it too preachy for a modern audience. On the other hand, I like the vision of the student in the storm repeatedly knocking on the doors and not finding admittance. Obviously, it’s a recruiting story for the Dominicans (Jacobus de Voragine was a Dominican, and the St. Dominic section is quite long), but I still think it’s a nice story.

A student joins the Dominican friars after seeing a vision
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p.6

Master Alexander, bishop of Vendôme, in his ones on the text (Ps. 85:11) Mercy and truth have met each other: justice and peace have kissed, tells us that a certain student, who lived in Bologna and was given to worldly pleasures, saw a vision. It seemed to him that he was standing in a wide field, and a huge storm could hung over him. He ran to escape the tempest and came to a house, which he found closed. He knocked at the door and asked for shelter, but a woman’s voice answered him from within: “I am Justice, I live here and this is my house, and you cannot come in because you are not a just man!” Grieved by these words he went along and spied another house farther on. He knocked and asked admittance, but a lady inside answered: “I am Truth, I live here and this is my house, and I will not admit you because truth sets no one free who does not love truth.” Going farther he came to a third house and again begged for shelter from the storm. The lady of the house replied: “I am Peace, I live here, and there is no peace for the impious but only for men of good will. But because I think thoughts of peace and not affliction, I shall give you a word of good advice. My sister lives close by and she always offers help to those in need. Go to her and do as she tells you.” When he got to the house, a voice answered: “I am Mercy, and I live here. If you want to be saved from the coming storm, go to the house where the Friars Preachers live. There you will find the stable of penance and the manger of continence and the pap of doctrine, the ass of simplicity with the ox of discretion; and Mary will enlighten you, Joseph will perfect you, and the Child Jesus will save you.” When the scholar awoke, he therefore went to the friars’ house, recited his vision, asked for admission to the Order, and received the habit.


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