Epiphanius causes a man pretending to be dead to actually die

Pocket Bard’s notes: This story is reminiscent of a similar one told about St. Julian. I like the St. Julian story better, but I figured I’d include this one for the sake of completeness.

Epiphanius causes a man pretending to be dead to actually die
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p.178

Another time a couple of poor men decided to trick Eiphanius [bishop of Cyprus] into giving them some money. One of them lay stretched out on the ground, and the other stood over him and wept, as if he were dead, and complained that he had no money to pay for his friend’s burial. Epiphanius came by, prayed that the dead man might rest in peace, and supplied the other with funds for the burial. Then he consoled the mourner and went his way. The man shook his companion and said: “Get up, get up! Today let us feast on the fruit of our labors!” He shook him again and again, and saw that he was dead, so he ran after Epiphanius and told him what had happened, also begging him to revive his friend. Epiphanius spoke words of consolation to the man, but did not raise his friend to life, lest it should seem too easy to delude God’s ministers.


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