St. Francis’ sainthood is tested by a gambler

Pocket Bard’s notes: As a tabletop gamer, I couldn’t help but share this one. Admittedly, I think the knight was kind of foolish. If I’d rolled nine 18s in a row, I definitely wouldn’t tempt fate by asking for something bad to happen to me! Heck, I’d say something like, “If Francis is really a saint, I’d get receive a million dollars before I go to bed tonight!” But that just shows the difference between me and people who get hit on the head for a living, I suppose.

St. Francis’ sainthood is tested by a gambler
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p.229

There was a knight who belittled the works and miracles of Saint Francis. Once when he was playing at dice, filled as he was with folly and having no faith, he said to those around him: “If Francis is a saint, let the dice come up eighteen!” On his first throw, three sixes turned up, and in nine subsequent throws he had the same result every time. Then, adding lunacy to folly, he said: “If your Francis is a saint, may my body fall beneath the sword this day; but if he is not a saint, I shall escape unscathed!” In order that his prayer should become a sin, when the game was over, he did his nephew a wrong, and the nephew took a sword and plunged it into his uncle’s belly, thus killing him.


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