St. Germain discovers demons posing as his neighbors

Pocket Bard’s notes: While this is a short and not entirely unusual story from the Golden Legend, I love that, told properly, this story could be an episode of Supernatural. The demons impersonating neighbors, St. Germain chastizing them, the grand reveal at the end. (“But if our neighbors are all at home… who are THEY?!?”) I’d love to see someone with a good handle on horror stories tell this one.

St. Germain discovers demons posing as his neighbors
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p.8

Once when he was a guest in a certain house, after the evening meal he noticed that preparations were made for another meal. Germain wondered about this and asked for whom the preparations were made. He was told that some nice women came at night, and Saint Germain decided to stay awake that night. He did and saw a troop of demons coming to the table in the guise of men and women. Germain ordered them to stay where they were, then awakened the family and asked them whether they recognized the visitors. They answered yes, that they were all neighbors. Then, after again telling the demons not to go away, he sent to the neighbors’ houses and they were all found at home and in their beds. Finally, at his command, the visitors admitted that they were demons and that this was the way they fooled humans.


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