St. Remy gets vengeance on a greedy miller

Pocket Bard’s notes: I feel bad for the miller in this one. He was just trying to protect his livelihood, and Remy took everything away from him. He doesn’t even seem like that bad a guy, all things considered. Then again, you really need to keep in mind the cardinal lesson of The Golden Legend: never cross a saint unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences.

St. Remy gets vengeance on a greedy miller
The Golden Legend, Volume II, trans. William Granger Ryan, p.217

After his conversion, King Clovis wanted to endow the church of Rheims. He told Saint Remy that he would give the church as much land as the bishop could walk around while he, the king, had his midday siesta, and Remy started his walk. However, there was a man who operated a mill that was within the bishop’s boundaries, and when Remy approached it, the miller angrily ordered him away. Remy said: “Friend, why should it bother you if we share this mill?” But the miller repulsed him, and as soon as the bishop started to walk away, the mill began to turn in the reverse direction. The miller called after him: “Servant of God, come back and we shall share the mill equally!” Remy: “Not for me, not for you!” And the earth opened and swallowed the mill.


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