A Belated Christmas

A few years ago, I was over at a friend’s house for Christmas dinner… in January. You see, things had gotten a little hectic, people had been out of town, and we just hadn’t had time to get into the proper holiday spirit during the holiday season. So they decided to hold Christmas in January, and I decided to write a poem about it.

A Belated Christmas
by Julie Golick, “The Pocket Bard”
January 2005

The pine tree is wilting,
The turkey is gone,
The lights have come down,
And the bill’s come along,
The presents are opened
(And some are exchanged),
The in-laws have left,
And you’re slightly deranged,
But friends and companions
Still gather around,
The stereo’s playing
Some holiday sounds,
So what if it seems
Like the month isn’t right?
At least in this house
It is Christmas tonight!


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