Bardicci and the Pirates

This piece was a commission by Captain Gordon (herein called “Captain Gordini”) to talk about some of his adventures with Casa Bardicci. A tale of masterful cunning, brave daring, and (of course) gold and treasure. Of course, since this was a commission piece, I have done my best to paint my patron in the best possible light. I have been informed by certain members of House Bardicci that events may have taken place somewhat differently. If this is indeed the case, I would be only too happy to versify their side of the story… for an equal commission.

Bardicci and the Pirates
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
Pennsic 37 (2008)

The times were full of troubles in the ports of Italy,
The waters frothed with mighty ships of pirates on the sea.
There wasn’t any villa that could call itself secure
Except for those that had no wealth: the lowly and the poor.
The master of the pirate ships, the captain of the fleet,
Was Captain Billy Bonecracker, who held the admir’l’s seat.
He eyed the homes of mighty men, Bardicci most of all,
For there was gold within his rooms and silver in his hall.

But yet there was a captain who would see Bardicci saved,
A man whose cause was right and just; his very life he braved.
Gordini was the captain’s name who stood admidst the strife,
Between the pirates’ murd’rous rage and noble baron’s life.

Captain Billy called for blood as way to gain the gold;
Gordini met the pirate head as fierce the waters rolled.
“Perhaps there is another way,” Gordini slyly said,
“To gain Bardicci’s silver coin without Bardicci’s head.”
Captain Billy was confused but chose to listen more,
And when Gordini left the ship, a plan began to form.

‘Twas next Gordini hast’ly ran unto the Casa gates
And met the Casa’s noble lord to warn him of hs fate.
“The pirates call out for your blood,” Gordini truly said,
“They think the way to gain your gold is taking off your head.
But yet there is another way to keep your land at rest.”
Gordini told him of his plan to guard the silver chest.

A week of time had barely passed when Billy massed his crews
And stood before the Casa gate, Bardicci to accuse.
Bardicci had been hosting guests, all high and nobly born,
The women fainted, children wept and feared to see the morn.

But yet Gordini stood his ground before the angry horde
And barred the pirates entering the Casa of his lord.
“Why have you come?” Gordini cried, “What trophy would you win?”
“The access to the Casa hall and all the gold therein.”

And then the Baron stepped to fore and caught the pirate’s eye,
And as Gordini counselled him, he offered this reply:
“You wish to gain my Casa’s hall, then enter and be free.
My port shall be a home for you as you sail on the sea.
If you will leave my home in peace, then never need you fret.
My influence protects your crew from any noble’s thread.”

Captain Billy bowed his head, the pirates gained the hall,
And ever since a peace has held twixt Baron and his thrall.
The pirates gained a stable port and guard it with their lives,
The Baron kept his golden coins and still his Casa thrives.
So if you go to Italy, be troubled nevermore,
Gordini’s efforts brought the peace for all your treasured store.


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