Cap’n Eric’s Alphabet

A very silly little piece I wrote way back when I was serving as ship’s bard aboard the Lady Joane Glory, whose captain’s name was Eric. (As I think of this, I may have written this piece even before I joined the crew.) It was one of the first pieces of bardic I ever wrote. And, yes, just about everything in here is an inside joke.

Cap’n Eric’s Alphabet
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
February 2004

A is for Alexandra. The Alexandra is Eric’s first ship.
B is for burning. The Alexandra is burning.
C is for Cap’n Eric. He is sad because his ship is burning.
D is for Down. The Alexandra has gone down to the bottom of the sea.
E is for Ealdormere. Argh!
F is for Freya. Freya lent Eric her Dingy.
G is for Gone. The Dingy is gone.
H is for Hell. The Dingy has gone to Hell.
I is for Ignoble. Eric is building a hare-line to protect us from ignoble Ealdomerans.
J is for Joane. Joane loves Eric anyway.
K is for King Balfar. Eric is running from King Balfar.
L is for Land. Can Eric sink land?
M is for Marooned. Yes, yes he can.
N is for Nothing. Nothing is left.
O is for Ottawa. We tried so hard to get there!
P is for Please. Please, don’t let Eric sink another ship!
Q is for Quarters. Eric will stay in his quarters for the rest of the voyage.
R is for Rosalind. What was she thinking?
S is for Sad. Cap’n Eric is sad. Sad, sad, sad.
T is for Trouble.
U is for Uneasy. The crew is uneasy when they are actually sober.
V is for Vagabonds. Arrrr!
W is for Where. Where are we?
X is for Xiphius. Xiphius is laughing at Cap’n Eric.
Y? Haven’t you been paying attention?
Z. We don’t know any words that start with Z.


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