Clash of Three Armies

At Pennsic 37 (2008), I had the honour of camping with and retaining for Princess Alethea Eastriding of the East Kingdom. As such, I got to witness the regicide field battle, where there were not two armies, but three: the East, the Midrealm, and the Allied Forces, who had massed together to form their own army. It was a memorable fight, especially for its conclusion, and Alethea asked me to write a piece to commemorate it. I foolishly procrastinated until almost the end of her reign as queen, but I was finally able to present it at a local event in March, 2009. And now I present it to you. You can also watch me perform it on YouTube.

Clash of Three Armies
(Pennsic 37 Regicide Battle)
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
March 2009

One fine Pennsic morning, near end of the war,
The fighters assembled with banners before,
With chanting and shouting they took to the field,
Determined to fight till their enemies yield.
The first battle went to the Eastrealm’s great might,
But the men of the Dragon attained the next fight.
‘Twas one point to each as the hosts looked to kings
And pondered the harvest that regicide brings.

But now was confusion ‘twixt vassal and lord
The allies decided they’d have their reward.
Not two hosts but three had gathered to fight.
There stood the East, resplendent in might.
As giants in spirit, our men took the field
And each bore the Tyger on banner and shield.
In front of the force, King Konrad stood tall,
His banner held high by no commoner thrall,
But Princess Alethea, now vigourous Queen,
More fearsome a pairing was never there seen.

And there stood the Mid, the Dragons arrayed,
Row upon row with their standards displayed.
King Lutr looked out from the midst of the host,
Certain he’d soon chant a victory toast.

But there in the north, a third army massed,
Their duties neglected, their friendships recast.
For all had been allies to Eastrealm or Mid,
And all of them turned when their presence was bid.
King Anton of Calontir stood at the head
Of armies assembled from men who had fled.
Three armies clamoured on Pennsic’s green field,
Determined to fight till their enemies yield.

The war horn was sounded, the armies charged forth,
The East and the Mid sallied up to the north
Where Calontir stood with its allies around,
And three armies crashed with a deafening sound.
Anton looked east to see Tyger attack,
From westward the Dragon breathed flame at their back.
No force can withstand the combined Mid and East,
And Calontir cringed as its forces decreased.
In barely a moment the host was no more,
And King Anton’s banner was cast to the floor.

The Midrealm regrouped to continue the feud,
And Konrad was eager the fight to conclude.
The men of the East with a gleam in their eyes
And the Dragons assembled with harrowing cries
Charged forth into battle and into the fray,
But still one surprise shook King Anton that day,
For as he looked out and saw armies collide
Shields were discarded and swords cast aside.
Kings Lutr and Konrad embraced on the field,
And neither would pressure the other to yield.
Two monarchs retired from battle as friends
And proved that some actions will history transcend.
The East and the Midrealm are enemies, true,
But each gives the other respect that is due.
When traitors abandon their vassalage ties
The Dragon and Tyger together arise.

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