Dancing Flower

In a D&D game I played back in 2006, my character was the party bard, Corrigan. At one point when travelling by herself, she encountered a man who was more elf than elf, and who completely enchanted her. He never actually let her get close enough to speak, and he was as gone as suddenly as he appeared.

Some time later, my character accepted a challenge by an exceptionally good harp player: he would tell Corrigan his name if Corrigan could sing him a song he’d never heard before. After trying many obscure songs she’d learned to no avail, she finally performed a song about this more-elf-than-elf person she’d met some time before. It worked, and it turned out that the exceptional harp player was, in fact, a silver dragon. I decided that the song itself was important enough to merit writing, so here it is.

Dancing Flower
by Corrigan, bard of Morningvale
to the tune of “Ellan Vannin,” by Hughie Jones
September 2006

Summer morning by a stream
Sat I down that I could dream,
Watched the river from the lee,
There I saw the dancing shee.

Oh, dancing flower, your story has just begun,
Oh, dancing flower, gone in the setting sun.

Gliding came he down the shore,
Was he elf or something more?
In his eyes were ages past,
And the sights of kingdoms vast.


All his words were as a song,
Every step he danced along,
Brushed a flower, touched a tree,
Never once approaching me.


Came I near, but slipped he by
Every time that I drew nigh,
Not a whisper, ne’er a glance
Spared for me in his advance.


In the dusk and pinkish light
Danced he past beyond my sight,
Though I tried to follow on,
Once I blinked and he was gone.

Chorus x 2


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