For Grandma and Grandpa

A few years ago, my grandparents (David and Frances) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. On this phenomenal milestone, I wanted to give them something special that they didn’t have already, so I wrote them a poem. Because when you’re a Pocket Bard, that’s the sort of thing you do.

For Grandma and Grandpa
by Julie Golick, “The Pocket Bard”
January 2007

In days of old, in a time untold,
when the world was fresh and new,
When the dodo soared and the mammoth roared
and the caves held quite a view,
A babe was born on a winter morn
in nineteen-seventeen,
He was strong and brave, and his name was Dave,
Such a child you’ve never seen.

The lad, he grew, and he went to school,
uphill in the snow both ways,
With feet unshod and on roads untrod
he walked to his class each day.
He found employ — a delivery-boy
with a bag of kosher meat,
Though times were rough and the prospects tough,
he still had enough to eat!

He was now a man, and he had a plan
to begin a company,
With a booming trade for the belts he made
his future was guaranteed.
But them came war to Canadian shores,
and Dave joined to serve his land,
The war was long and the foes were strong,
but victory was at hand.

When the war was won it was time for fun
and passion was in the air,
Dave met a girl, and his heart a’whirl
he gave her a ring to wear.
They kissed and wed and the time it sped
and soon they were Mom and Dad,
And Mark, Elaine, and Joyce they gained
to give memories gay and glad.

What more to say, look at them today,
five grandchildren bring them pride,
Dave studies hard while his wife plays cards
and they’ve travelled the whole world wide.
So to Frances and Dave, for the love that you gave,
we’ll lift up our cups with cheers,
And wish you the best, and hope that you’re blessed
with another sixty years!


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