I Charged the Calontiri Army

Back at Pennsic 35 (2006), my campmates were trading “no sh*t, there I was” stories, and there was a truly wonderful one by Lord Alexander de Hauteville. It just so happened that Lord Alexander was being knighted that very war, and I thought that this story of his daring and boldness (some might say foolhardiness) in the face of great danger would make a wonderful present for his elevation to the peerage. This is one of the few songs I’ve written with an original melody. You can watch me perform it here.

I Charged the Calontiri Army
by Lady Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
written in honour of Sir Alexander de Hauteville
Pennsic 35 (2006)

I charged the Calontiri army,
Out on the wooded battlefield.
We saw two up on a hill,
And you know we meant them ill,
So we strode to engage them with our swords and with our shields.

Tierlock and I strode into battle,
Right up the hilly wooded crest.
We quickly slew the two,
‘Cause we knew just what to do,
Then we heard a mighty shouting, and we looked and saw the rest.

A mighty army stood before us,
Decked out in purple and in gold,
A vast and mighty horde
Of nobles and of lords,
With bloodlust in their eyes and with their voices loud and bold.

They charged up the hill to meet us,
Weilding swords and ax and spear.
They struck us in the chest,
The face, and all the rest,
Then they kept on advancing and we only saw their rear.

Tierlock and I lay dead and bloody,
After the massive charge of men,
But he looked at me and said,
Through the pounding in my head,
“Let’s get back up to rez point and we’ll do it once again.”
“Let’s get back up to rez point and we’ll do it once again!”


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