I Hope that We Reach the Event Site Today

In April, 2004, I was going to Quebec City for an East Kingdom University (EKU). To make a very long story short: the directions were wrong. We wound up driving around for three hours looking for the site. About halfway through, a fog rolled in that was so thick you couldn’t see the car in front of you, let alone road signs. At three hours of driving, we were among the lucky ones.

That night, in the common room, people kept rolling in and sharing horror stories. I decided to write this song that very night to let off a little steam and make sure everyone’s story had a proper voice.

I Hope that We Reach the Event Site Today
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
to the tune of “The Irish Washerwoman”
April 2004

We were on our way to the great EKU
We had our directions we knew what to do
So we turned on the offramp and looked for a sign,
But our search was in vain ‘cause not one did we fine.

I hope that we reach the event site today,
We try to get close but wind up far away.
These stupid directions they lead us astray,
I hope that we reach the event site today.

We drove up and down, back and forth, far and near.
We drove on those streets for what seemed like a year,
But each time we thought we were near to the site,
The road curved away and it just wasn’t right.


The sun it was setting, the rain it did pour,
We couldn’t imagine a worse fate in store,
Until we looked up and saw to our chagrin
A giant white cloud of thick fog rolling in.


We couldn’t see anything out through the fog,
For all that we knew we were stuck in a bog,
Forget the directions, forget what they say,
We’ll just turn around and hope it’s the right way.


After hours of driving we head for a light,
And hope against hope it’s the EKU site.
And now that we’re here don’t expect us to stray.
We’ll probably be here ‘till our dying day.



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