LAC Italy Trip 2005 Drinking Song

Back in 2005, I went to Italy with some of my fellow students at the Liberal Arts College of Concordia University. The trip was led by Professor Fred Krantz, one of my favourite professors of all time, and his wife Lenore. We stayed in Florence for two weeks, Venice for five days, and took other day-trips out into Tuscany. The trip was wonderful in more ways than I can describe, and as often happens when I’m emotional, I wrote a song about it. This song, in particular, describes one of the Italian national past-times that we travellers adopted wholeheartedly: drinking lots of wine.

LAC Italy Trip 2005 Drinking Song
by Julie Golick, “The Pocket Bard”
to the tune of “The Old Dun Cow”
May 2005

Some friends and I in a Florence square
Were listenin’ to another speech.
Fred Kratnz was talkin’ ’bout the Medicci,
Our knees were turning weak.
Then Lenore ran up, “Wait a minute, Fred!
Never mind the Medicci!
‘Cause I’ve just been shopping at the grocery store…
The wine here’s almost free!”

“Cheap wine,” she cried, “what a bit of luck!
Everybody follow me!
Over to Standa, our bottles in hand,
We’ll have a grand old spree!”
So we hit the floor after good Lenore,
Wine was piled high,
And we weren’t there ten minutes or more
‘Till we were bleary-eyed.

And there was Fred, almost dead,
Leading all his students through the square.
“Booze! Booze!” the students all cried,
And started pulling out their hair.
“You’ll get your wine after one more speech.”
Somebody shouted out “Lenore!” (Lenore!)
And we all got blue-blind, paralytic drunk
When the College went on tour.

Just then there came a knock at the door,
It’s the owner of our small hotel.
He said our group’s makin’ too much noise,
We’re going all to hell.
But we poured a glass and he drank it down,
Drank it in one gulp.
He said, “I see you’ve got seven bottles of wine…
Could you use a little help?”


Then Jon went over for another glass,
Held the bottle high.
Looked for a minute with a helpless face:
The bottle, it was dry!
But Lenore took charge, “You needn’t fret!
No need to be sore!
Though the bottle you’re holding is empty,” she said,
“We’ve got another four!”


Just then there came a mighty crash,
Ilya stumbled to the ground.
He laughed it off and shook his head
And poured another round.
But the sun was peeking out behind the clouds,
The sky was turning pink,
And breakfast is scheduled for an hour from now…
We’ll just have one more drink!


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