Poem for the Plants

In 2004, I was playing a werewolf character with a vast knowledge of herbalism. I decided that there must be some sort of traditional poem or chant that would be passed down from generation to generation as a reminder for the properties of various plants, both mundane and supernatural. I wrote this piece to act as that “traditional” poem, using both real-world traditional folklore and folklore from the Werewolf: The Apocalypse universe.

Poem for the Plants
“Traditional” (by Julie Golick, “The Pocket Bard”)
June 2004

Give courage to warriors with thyme or with leeks,
Chamomile’s best when the outcome is bleak.
Send them with oak or with cedar for might,
Bay leaves to crown heroes back from the fight.

Name me the plants that will bring luck my way
Clover and heather picked fresh in the day,
Lavender’s beauty protects you from fate,
Sage is both lucky and calms you from hate.

Mistletoe heals any wound you can name,
Basil’s for headaches and mint is for pain,
Blackberry’s soothing for coughs and for sight,
Tarragon comforts the deepest of bites.

Willow to cleanse where the bane makes its home,
Ivy to travel in shadows unknown,
Chicory hides you from unfriendly eyes,
Marigold keeps them from telling you lies.

Foxglove protects against faery folk’s mirth,
Use coriander to find hidden worth,
Garlic and dill will keep spirits at bay,
Nightshade’s a poison to keep them away.

Finally tell me how love can be mine,
Use basil and roses and grapes from the vine,
They’ll always be faithful with violets in bloom,
And mistletoe brings babies quick to the womb.


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