The Ansteorran Pavilion Seeds

At Pennsic, people in my camp marveled at the speed that the Ansteorrans (our neighbors) set up their royal encampment. The encampment seemed to go from “absolutely nothing” to “completely set up” in the blink of an eye. Someone joked that they must have “pavilion seeds.” A half-hour later, this song was written.

The Ansteorran Pavilion Seeds
By Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
to the tune of “Wild Rover”
Pennsic 39 (2010)

Well, I’ve seen an encampment down at Pennsic War
It was full of pavilions where none were before
Those sly Ansteorrans, they must have a trick
And I bet if I look, I can find it right quick

And it’s no, nay, never (Hand me that seed)
No, nay, never, no more
Will I plant a pavilion?
No, never, no more

The king from his pocket, he took a large seed
When placed in the ground, it grew like a weed
Up shot a ridge pole just like a small tree
When the canvas starts spreading, we all have to flee


The roof had untwisted before you could blink
And stakes sprouted up with a sigh and a chink
Walls with attachments and ropes with their knots
It sprouted so fast we were all seeing spots


I don’t know where they get them, don’t know where they’re found
Those seeds that make tents blossom up from the ground
‘Cause they keep the secret to this very day
Those sly Ansteorrans, they never will say



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