The Fearsome Sable Banner

Back when I first started doing bardic, I was serving about a ship called the Lady Joane Glory. Our sworn enemies came from Skraeling Althing (Ottawa) in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Back then, there was a very popular Ealdormerean song called The Blazing Scarlet Banner, which in turn was a filk of The Queen of Argyle. I decided to filk the filk in honour of our ship, and this is the result.

The Fearsome Sable Banner
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard,”
and Domenico Angelo Malavolti Tremamundo
To the tune of The Queen of Argyle
January 2004

When I was first in Skraeling
‘Twas when I heard the wailing
From all the Ealdormearans
Of devils from the sea:
Of Captain Eric Bristol,
Who brandished sword and pistol,
And of the crew he captained
Of The Lady Joane Glory.

And if you could have seen us there!
Boys, if you had just been there!
The wind was in our topsails
As we rode the Eastern sea
The Hares will hide in Skraeling
When we come in unveiling
The fearsome sable banner
Of the Lady Joane Glory

Our Captain’s called Ship-Sinker
And others will not linger
Around us in the dry-dock
No, they’ll soon be sure to flee.
For they see his cannons ready,
His aim is sure and steady
‘Gainst any ship that triffles with
the Lady Joane Glory


We’ve got scallywags a-plenty
Their bellies never empty
Our cups are always ready
And we fill them endlessly.
Oh we sing bold toasts to others,
Should they be foe or brother,
For none can match the thirsting
Of the Lady Joane Glory

Chorus x2


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