The Man with the Long Bow

This is one of the very first pieces I ever wrote, and certainly the first bawdy poem I ever wrote. I was inspired at a local archery practice, when a man came in with his bow wrapped up in a long, thin bag. He was, unfortunately for him, carrying this bag horizontally at about groin height. Innuendoes flew. “What a long bow you have, m’lord!” This poem came out of that night.

The Man with the Long Bow
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
March 2004

There was a man with a long… bow
went down to the archery range,
and there he met with a bonnie lass
who thought it rather strange.
She said to him, with eyes aghast,
“How can a man so young and quick,
wield such a long… bow?”

Replied the man to the bonnie maid,
“Don’t think it strange, my dear,”
for I’m always looking to be… paid,
in kingdoms far and near,
and for that I must practice many a trick,
using my long… bow.”

“I see your bow is long and fine,”
said the girl, who blushed like noon,
But when the archers are called to the line,
“Do you ever shoot too soon?”
“Think it not, my dear, ” said the man, right quick,
“I’ve fine control of my… bow.”

The girl then said, her eyes shone black,
“I see your aim is sharp,
but when you draw your bowstring back,
do your arrows hit their mark?”
“Of course,” said the man, “and there they stick,
When I wield my long… bow.”

The lady marveled at the bow,
for it was fine of make,
but then she wanted yet to know
how it kept its shape.
“I rub it with oil, warm and slick,
To keep up my fine… bow.”

So the girl remained, her cheeks all red,
with the man with the long… bow.
And his skill indeed, was all that he said,
the best she’ll ever know.
For she’d rather a bow strung long and thick,
than a man with a quarter… staff.


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