The Marauders Jingle

This song came about during Pennsic XLV when my campmates decided they needed a song about how the Marauders are a “full-service camp.” I hadn’t intended to go quite this silly with it, but sometimes my muse is like that.

The Marauders Jingle
By Katherine Ashewode
August 2016

If you go out to the Pennsic War
Can’t find what you’re looking for
Head on down to N06
We’ll make sure you get your fix

Marauders, Marauders, everything you need
Marauders, Marauders, we’re a motley camp indeed

We’ve got silks and linens, fine brocade
Trim in almost any shade
Beads and pearls to suit a queen
And a working sewing machine


We’ve got cake that’s got the gluten out
Hunter stew and sauerkraut
Jams and pickles, scones and tea
And a chocolate library


We’ve got salamanders that breathe fire
Metal cats and monkey squires
Gargoyles to inspire dread
Sharks with lasers on their heads


We’ve got ladies who can test your bed
Hammocks where you rest your head
Reliquaries, banners bright
Sundials you can read at night


There are seven hundred verses more
Sing them all would be a bore
So to let you on your way
Just remember what we say

Chorus x2

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