The “Not At Pennsic” Blues

Just before Pennsic 35 (2006), I was feeling antsy. I wanted Pennsic, as we all do in the weeks leading up to War. So I wrote this song. I know that technically the timing is odd, because it’s about coming back from Pennsic, not waiting for it to start, but my muse works in odd ways sometimes. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. This is one of the very few pieces I’ve written with an original melody. You can watch me perform it here.

The “Not At Pennsic” Blues
by Katherine Ashewode
to the tune of any simple 4-beat blues riff you’ve got handy
July 2006

Woke up this morning to an empty house.
No one was with me, not even a mouse.
I’ve got laundry piled up to the sky.
So much unpacking that I want to cry.

I’ve got the “just got back from Pennsic and I really don’t wanna’ move”… blues.
I’ve go the “just got back from Pennsic and I don’t know what I’m gonna do”… blues.

Casa Bardicci where they wine and dine.
The Pleasure Pavilion with its girls so fine.
I’d go to parties nearly every night.
Now I’m alone and it just doesn’t seem right.

I’ve got the…

I miss the food court and I miss merchant’s row.
Midnight madness with the buskers in show.
The Fruity Cobbler has gathered much fame.
The local shopping malls just aren’t the same.

I’ve got the…

Royal encampments with the queens and kings.
So many coronets so many gold rings.
I hate my TV, Oprah fills me with dread.
I’d even rather sit in court instead.

I’ve got the…

I miss the battles with the clash of swords.
I miss the classes, I would never get bored.
The bardic circles, the amorous flings.
Understand that I miss everything!

I’ve got the…

Pennsic is over, I’m sorry to say.
And now I’m back to the work-a-day.
The daily grind, it fills me with tears.
‘Cause I don’t wanna’ wait another year.


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