The Scourge of the Company

In a D&D game I was playing back in 2006, I accidentally let my fellow character’s magic boat get stolen by a pirate named Kamberian. Since my character was a bard, she decided to ruin Kamberian’s reputation by writing an “anonymous” piece about him and circulating it where she knew he would be taking the ship. I don’t know whether it ultimately worked or not, but it was fun to write.

The Scourge of the Company
sung to the tune of “Star of the County Down”
June 2006

Down in Scornubel, there I’ve heard it tell
Of a man with a heart so black
That he’d cheat his friend, and he’d gladly spend
All the gold in their money-sack.
No truthful word was there ever heard
To have passed through his lying mouth.
He’ll break the oath that he just bespoke
And he’ll laugh as he spits it out.

From Waterdeep down to Candlekeep,
On the river and sea to sea,
Kambarian’s friends always meet bad ends,
He’s the Scourge of the Company.

When his tricks and lies cannot gain the prize
Of the gold in a friendly hand,
His sword will serve him as good as words
As he strikes with his pirate band.
He’ll slay his host as he drinks their toast
In the hall where he’s come to dine.
His guests must fear when they see him near,
Since his sword’s never far behind.


So if you should see at the port or lee
This man with his twisted crew,
And if you should fear for your life and gear
Then you know what you need to do.
Just turn your heel when he tries to deal,
With an eye ever on his blade.
Your life you’ll save from the pirate knave,
‘Cause his heart is as black as shade.

Chorus x 2

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