The Star of Ondaatje Hall

When I was a Junior Fellow at Massey College at the University of Toronto, we had two talent shows. The first was in November, and I performed a piece called Master “The”. And, as I stood up on the stage, nervous in the way only someone making fun of the master of Massey College could be, I heard a shout from the back of the room, “Julie, marry me!” I found out later that this cry came from my friend Juan. I was kind of dismissive at the time, and didn’t give Juan’s proposal as much attention as it deserved. So at the next talent show, in March, I decided that no good deed goes unpunished and wrote this song for Juan.

The Star of Ondaatje Hall
by Julie Golick, “The Pocket Bard”
to the tune of “Star of the County Down”
March 2006

At the Winter Ball in Ondaatje Hall,
One cold winter Saturday,
I saw such a sight in a giant’s height,
And he smiled as he passed my way.
I said, said I, to a passerby,
“Won’t you tell me what he is called?”
He smiled at me, said, “it’s Juan-Luis,
He’s the star of Ondaatje Hall.”

From morning’s light to the dead of night
And from Gaudy to Winter Ball,
There’s none I want but my dear, sweet Juan,
He’s the star of Ondaatje Hall.

Then he took the floor, and I wanted more
As he danced with a salsa flair,
When he spun me round, and I heard the sound
Of his sweet Spanish voice so rare.
The song was done, and my heart went numb,
When I thought that he’d leave that night,
But he kissed my cheek, and my knees grew weak,
For the man with the giant’s height.

He’s a sporting man, and he draws the fans
Whenever he takes the court,
And I thought that he would be good to me
If I wanted to learn the sport.
I pulled him near, and I asked him, “Dear,
Would you show me your volleyball?”
He lobbed it high, and my heart flew by
For the star of Ondaatje Hall.

At the talent fair, he’ll be surely there,
So I’ll gingerly take the stage,
With a smile so bright, and my eyes alight,
To be sure that he meets my gaze.
My voice might break and my knees might shake
But I’ll wait ’till I hear his call,
I’ll stay and sing ’till I wear the ring,
Of the star of Ondaatje Hall.


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