The Wheels on the Bus (SCA Version)

When I was studying Latin for my M.A., the baroness of my home group asked for an SCA-appropriate song she could sing to her young daughter, who was about two years old at the time. I decided that if I was going to be a geek, I might as well be a really big geek and do a filk in Latin. So here’s a Latin version of “The Wheels on the Bus,” with English translations below each paragraph.

The Wheels on the Bus (SCA Version)
by Katherine Ashewode, “The Pocket Bard”
March 2006

Gladii belli feriunt, feriunt, feriunt.
Gladii belli feriunt
totum diem.

(The swords of war strike all day.)

Coqui culinae cibum dant, cibum dant, cibum dant.
Coqui culinae cibum dant
totum diem.

(The kitchen cooks give food all day.)

Rex et regina praecipunt, praecipunt, praecipunt.
Rex et regina praecipunt
totum diem.

(The king and queen command all day.)

Infans beata amatur, amatur, amatur.
Infans beata amatur
totum diem.

(The happy baby is loved all day.)


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