Pennsic 2003 Diary

Pennsic 32: My First Pennsic

I don’t take pictures. I don’t really like doing it. On the other hand, I do journal. A lot. Especially when I’m travelling. Pennsic was no exception. This is an abridged version of the diary I kept at Pennsic. There are some things I have to say first, though:

This is abridged. My first Pennsic was a time of high emotions, both good and bad. Some experiences I had were highly personal. I respect the right to other people’s privacy. In some sections, I have abbreviated names of people. Some sections I have removed entirely. This is because, even if 99.9% of people seeing this page don’t know who they are, there will always be a few who know me who will recognize themselves on these pages. Any comments that I think might be harmful have been removed in their entirety.

At the beginning of each day, I listed how much money I spent that day. You will notice that I spent a lot of money at Pennsic. Hardly what you’d expect on a page for being in the SCA cheaply! But wait, I can explain! I had saved up a great deal of my money all summer to go to Pennsic. This was not a last-minute, unexpected splurge. I planned to spend. Much of what I bought was unnecessary. I ate at the food court a lot. I bought many snacks. I also bought many gifts and a lot of “stuff” from merchant’s row. It is possible to go to Pennsic on signficantly less money than I spent. I estimate that only about $425 of my spending was on actual essentials (including camp gear, food, travel, troll, etc.). The rest was pure splurge money. On the other hand, it was lovely knowing that I had lots of spending money.

Friday, August 1

3.95: lunch
5.17: snack
50.00: hotel
17.00: supper at Applebees
1.00: cookie
= 77.12

7:40 PM

Meadville, PA. 45 minutes from the great land of medievalists, Pennsic. I’m not sure how I’m feeling. While I was working, I was so excited I couldn’t talk about anything else. This past week, I’ve been so busy I barely thought about Pennsic except in the abstract. And now I’m nearly there. I hope I’ll have a great time. I expect to, but then again you never know.

I’d like to stay in persona as much as possible. This is difficult to do in Montreal, because most other people don’t care. But here… maybe I’ll find enough people who think like I do.

I’m not sure how much I’ll buy. I was planning on buying a lot, but there isn’t much room in K’s car. Maybe I’ll mail some stuff back home to make place in the car. It’s an option. If not, it’ll just go to next year.

9:00 PM

Dinner’s over. The TV in our hotel room gives off an annoying buzzing, but that’s okay because I don’t plan on watching much.

I haven’t even gotten to Pennsic and I’ve already spent almost $80 US ($112 CAN). I’m glad I saved up.

Not much else is going on really. We rented a hotel room for the night so we don’t have to start unpacking and repacking the car. Also, we can get in one last shower before Pennsic. So that’s it. I’m going to watch TV and wait for tomorrow.

Forward to Saturday, August 2


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