Pennsic 2003 Diary: Sunday, August 10

723.93 +
26.48: camping gear
79.00: shopping
= 829.41

Here’s what I bought shopping:

  • book: Here there by Wyverns (20)
  • shuttles (3.50)
  • book: Medieval Games (20)
  • natural soaps (6.50 for 3)
  • Compleat Anachronists ($26.50 for 5)

10 AM

It’s raining… again. I will probably be missing at least one class today, since we will be watching the Opening Ceremonies. Also, we will be setting up Bertha, the huge pavilion, (yes, the pavilion is called Bertha) this afternoon.

Many of the shops are not quite open, because it’s threatening to rain hard again.

Now, I’m just waiting for the ceremonies to start.

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