Pennsic 2003 Diary: Monday, August 11

829.41 +
2.00: Pennsic Independent
10.50: lunch
= 841.91


Come see the wonders of beautiful Lake Zeebera! Well… not quite beautiful. We put up Bertha yesterday, and as we were doing so, it started to rain. So we put up a 20 x 40 foot pavilion in the rain. Let me tell you, that was a new and unique experience. I didn’t get as wet as I could have, but that was mostly because I hid under the parts already up.

Then S, D, C, R and I dug new trenches and bailed more water. Until dinner. I didn’t even keep track of how much this time. We were actually making a fair amount of progress.

Then, because God has a sense of humor, it started raining. (Noticing a trend here?) All our lovely bailing work was for nothing. The sump pit we had dug was completely filled. As was the surrounding area. As was about half (or more) of the common area. The puddle in front of my tent was back.

I went with S to buy boots and more towels. I now have waterproof galoshes. This is a Good Thing. My plan to go dancing didn’t happen because I had a bad headache, which didn’t go away until I ate and drank this morning.

Today, classes and shopping. Yay shopping. D is being nice enough to fix me a sandwich. Until later!


It’s raining. Again. Not hard, but there. And despite that, I think I’m getting a heat rash. Sigh.

Waiting for what I hope will be a really cool class to start: How to Be Your Persona with Duke Cariadoc. He’s shorter than I thought he would be.

Night, past midnight

I had an annoying afternoon and a wonderful evening.

This afternoon, I realized I’m PMSing. I started reacting to little insignificant things and had to go behind my tent three times to cry. It irks me that I still haven’t been thanked for helping to bail almost 750 gallons of water. Also, I had a headache. I therefore didn’t do much this afternoon except work on a token for D (including accidentally sewing up the sides and having to undo it). Supper was only marginally better. I felt very insignificant and useless.

After dinner, on the other hand, was wonderful. First, we went to a show by Coxcomb called “Whose Line Doth it Be”. It was absolutely hilarious. There are some great improvers here.

Next, D and I went to a bardic circle at the Enchanted Ground. It was fantastic. It seems like Cariadoc knows a million stories at the tip of his tongue. I did my Beowulf and one other short story. All in all, a great evening. Now, to bed.

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