Pennsic 2003 Diary: Wednesday, August 13

855.91 +
2.62: postcard
281.47: shopping
4.00: peach cobbler
= 1144.00

Here’s what I bought shopping:

  • sewing basket, leather handles, stained maple ($72)
  • medium wax tablet, 3 pages ($24)
  • teddy bear ($15)
  • wolf painting ($19)
  • scroll case ($41.35)
  • teddy bear chess set ($8)
  • heddle ($12)
  • stuffed crown hat ($9)
  • leather book ($20)
  • silk habotai, 3 yards ($24)
  • amber dice ($7)

Almost 11 AM

I think my suntan lotion is reacting with my rash. Must remember not to put lotion on my arms.

I took a hot-ish shower this morning, which was lovely.

Right now, I’m waiting for a dance class to start. I bought a bunch of postcards this morning and mailed one home. That’ll be cool. I’m also trying to figure out what and how I’ll mail home. Probably I’ll mail my rubbermaid with laundry in it, and use my laundry bag as a kind of “treasure chest” for presents. That will probably work. I hope. *grin*

About 7 PM

Court is tonight. So is midnight madness. I’m very tired. I still haven’t decided what I’m doing tonight. I finally finished cleaning up from dinner (with the help of about 6 other people). I’m hot and tired. Despite taking a shower this morning, I already feel sticky and dirty again.

I think I will go at one point to the chiurgeon’s shower and do a huge washing of my feet. I hope the stuff that’s on my toenails is just mud, not fungus. Sigh. Who would have thought that I would have been walking in mud all of Pennsic? I think after I wash my feet I’ll walk in sneakers and socks for the rest of Pennsic. Camp is almost dry enough for that.

I did more shopping today. Got a new basket and some gifts (some for me, some for other people). I haven’t decided whether I’m going to midnight madness. On the one hand, good deals. On the other, crowds and lots of walking (baby powder is my friend). Did I mention I’m really tired?

I should go to court. Camma is getting her laurel. I’d like to see it. But I don’t really want to move. I think I need water. I don’t want to get up.

It’s been a while since I wrote the last sentence. I’ve had some water and am going to attempt to get up and go to court. After, I’ll come to camp, get my shoes and socks, and go to the showers to wash my feet. Maybe after I’ll go to midnight madness, maybe not.

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