Pennsic 2003 Diary: Thursday, August 14

1144.00 +
3.00: Pennsic Independent
20.95: mailing laundry
70.30: shopping
5.00: lunch
5.50: supper
= 1248.75

Here’s what I bought shopping:

  • drinking horn ($11)
  • pirate hat with feather ($25)
  • dragon pendant with chain ($34)

About 9 AM

It has been an eventful morning. Someone from a neighboring camp was drunk last night and, naked, ripped his way into the tent of a minor in our encampment and slept there all night. Needless to say, there has been an uproar this morning. The perpetrator is waiting at security for us to see what charges can be brought against him.

Also, our pump has stopped working, so we have standing water again. We need to buy another one.

So, that’s the morning so far, and I’ve only been up 2 hours. Let’s see what the rest of the day brings.

Almost 2 PM

Casa Bardicci is amazing. They were still setting up this morning when D and I came by, but it was still so fantastic. It doesn’t feel like Pennsic at all. It’s almost completely enclosed and almost completely lavish. D and I are planning on going back to serve at their grand gala tonight. It turns out Erwillian is fairly high up on the totem pole there. Who knew?

About 1 AM

You know, I could do worse for myself at my first Pennsic than being invited to one of the most exclusive parties in the Knowne Worlde. D and I did indeed go to Casa Bardicci. Our service consisted of setting up candles and lighting them. After that we were free to mingle with the crowd.

And what a crowd! It seemed like every other person had a crown or coronet on their head. Some, I’m sure, just weren’t wearing theirs. The garb was as impressive as the people. They went all-out late-Period. Among the people there were the king and queen of Caid, the queen of Ansteora, the king and queen of (I believe) the West, Duchess Isabella, and more barons, baronesses, dukes, and duchesses than I could count.

The entertainment was equally impressive. Live musicians and bards (of course) including Wolgemut.

The guards were really cool also. There were many people trying (and failing) to get in without an invitation. When I had to go out for a minute, being able to walk past them all to the sound of “she can come in” was absolutely thrilling. It made me feel so important.

When we left, Erwillian and his brother Seamus thanked us profusely for all our help. In my mind, all I did was light candles, but they were tripping over themselves to say thank you. There will be a casual get-together at the Casa tomorrow which I might go to.

Oh, we also met the near-mythical Baron Bardicci. He’s everything you might imagine: charming, flirtatious, extravagant, and very Londo-like. Lots of fun.

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing tomorrow, but now I’m just going to enjoy my memories of tonight.

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