Pennsic 2003 Diary: Friday, August 15

1248.75 +
1.00: Pennsic Independent
3.00: period songs handout
2.00: slushies
116.85: shopping
= 1371.55

Here’s what I bought shopping:

  • circlet ($10)
  • lucet thread ($11)
  • vase for Rob and Kimmy ($44)
  • lots of thread ($51)

About 3 PM

Hot and tired. I did the last of my shopping this morning and now I’m just being lazy around camp. Oh, I went by Casa Bardicci earlier today also. D is out getting authorized for another form of fencing. I don’t envy him being out in the sun right now. He says I’m really red. Hopefully that’s just from being hot and not sunburn. I’ve been so good. It’s just that I’m sweating through all my sunscreen right now.

Everything is slowly starting to come down. By Sunday evening, Pennsic will again by green fields. If it’s cool out tonight, I’ll ask D if he wants to go up to Horde Hill and look out at Pennsic. Until then, I’ll sit here, drink water, and maybe lucet.

About 1 AM

We found the coins. We gave them to Ernst. All will be will with Joane and Eric.

We watched the fireworks. They were good, but not up the the usual standards I set, being a fireworks snob.

Finally, we went to Duke Cariadoc’s fire for the last time this war. Still excellent. ‘Night.

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