Pennsic 2003 Diary: Saturday, August 16

1371.55 +
1.00: Pennsic Independent
20.00: for T, for extra expenses around camp
= 1392.55

4:40 PM

You know you’ve been at Pennsic too long when you ask someone else the time and only afterwards realize you’re wearing a watch. *grin*

We did most of the takedown today. D is crashing in my tent tonight and coming back with K and I tomorrow.

It is thundering. It might rain. I thought we were past that. Consequently, Bertha is still up. We had moved everything out, and then we moved everything back.

I taught D how to lucet. His lucet isn’t a particularly good one, but he’s actually fairly good for someone first starting. Certainly better than I was when I started.

I was thinking about the many things I have done without or learned to live without at Pennsic:

  • computer, internet, phone
  • flush toilets
  • hot showers
  • news of the outside world
  • mirrors
  • space (relatively small tent)
  • real beds
  • gaming
  • transportation other than walking
  • air conditioning
  • not needing sunscreen
  • firm ground and floors

On the other hand, there are things at Pennsic I don’t have at home:

  • people who are strange like me (well, at least SCAdians)
  • being able to walk up to anyone and get in a conversation
  • the freedom to spend my money freely and afford nearly whatever I want
  • having people come up to me and say hi all the time
  • cooked meals at least once a day
  • people who can teach me really cool things.

Oh! The two kids in our camp (3 and 5 years old) have decided that they are my little cousins. That’s so cute! They really are adorable kids. At least three people have thanked me for spending so much time with them. I would have done it anyway. It’s just something about kids that magnetically attracts me to them.

I also realized that I will have to get used to being called “Julie” again. I’ve been answering to “Katherine” all War.

Finally, a list in no particular order of great Pennsic memories:

  • the “hoity toity” party at Casa Bardicci
  • Duke Cariadoc’s bardic circles
  • shopping!
  • Wolgemut
  • Master Efenwealt’s concert

D and I were talking last night. We’ve both more or less decided we don’t really want to camp with Zeebera again next year. They’re really nice people, but they have too rigid a structure for my tastes. Also, I don’t want to feel obliged to be home for dinner every day. Yes, having a cheap cooked meal every night has been great. But to me, it’s too regimental.

Camping with Duke Cariadoc would be really cool, but I wouldn’t do it without my own car. Also, it would take me a fair amount of time and money to put together a proper kit. But it’s certainly tempting. My persona is even relatively contemporary to his. Something to think about.

11:15 PM

It rained. Again. I am convinced God must have a sense of humor. Why else would s/he have allowed the site to dry out for a week, only to rain during takedown?

Bertha is still up. I don’t know whether or how she will be taken down tomorrow, and quite frankly, I don’t care. It’s not my problem.

It’s not even late yet but I’m quite tired. I have a sneaking suspicion we will not leave before mid-afternoon tomorrow. By the time we leave, my last pair of shoes will likely be muddy and wet.

Because D is sleeping in my tent tonight, I am sleeping clothed. because I packed my sheets, I’m sleeping in my sleeping bag directly on the air mattress. This does not make me particularly happy. On the upside, there is no water in my tent. My sleeping bag is, however, quite damp. Or maybe that’s my tunic. Regardless, I get the impression that I will have an uncomfortable night and irritable tomorrow. Or, I could prove myself wrong, sleep like a log, and be bright and chipper in the morning despite everyone’s grumblings. Right.

If K or D had the budget, I’d suggest doing half the trip tomorrow and half Monday during the day. But they don’t, and I’m actually quite close to mine, so I doubt we’ll do that.

I didn’t shower for a few days, so I must stink. I don’t care, and I hope the others don’t. Anyway, I’m going to sleep now.

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