Pennsic 2003 Diary: Sunday, August 17

1392.55 +
-42.77: left over from drive home
= 1349.78

12:25 PM

The dream that is Pennsic is over. As I took down my modern tent in modern clothes while listening to goth music, the medieval feel slipped away from me more each moment.

There were a few tense moments while packing, but that’s mostly because we were all tense and irritable. We’re in the car now, about to stop for gas, and then head out. We’ll probably be home before midnight, but I don’t know how much before.

D and I have decided that if at all possible, we will try to camp with Duke Cariadoc next year. ie: If D can stay in Montreal, if we can make a pavilion, if we can rent a car, and if Cariadoc says yes. We are both incredibly impressed with Cariadoc. He represents everything we love about Pennsic and the SCA.

Despite the weather, I really had a good time at Pennsic, except for the first half-week. It was so odd to put on modern clothes this morning. I never realized quite how constrictive they were. I’m wearing a bra for the first time in 2 weeks. Also pants. Also, my arms are uncovered. It feels very strange. I’m sure there will be other things that feel strange when I get home.

Until next year!

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