Pennsic 2003 Diary: Monday, August 4

133.62 +
16.24: towels, etc.
5.50: lunch
2.00: ice
= 157.36

Late afternoon:

Today we dug trenches. The rain from yesterday left our camp a near-swamp. Between the four of us, we cleaned out nearly 200 gallons of water, and K cleared 50 more. It is drier now, but not dry yet.

The rain that was supposed to come today has not yet arrived, though I fear it might soon. I hope there is no more rain. It is quite wet enough already.

I just met a merchant, Erwillian, across from the Bread Bowl. He is indeed a gentleman, and a sliver- and gold-smith besides. He has a rich Italian patron, Baron Bardicci. They camp at an Italian villa by the lake.

I also tried some Italian ices, and they were excellent. I shall have to remember it.

I think that, if there is no more rain, I shall quite enjoy myself. The merchants open tomorrow, I believe, so at last I will have something to do.

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