Pennsic 2003 Diary: Tuesday, August 5

157.36 +
52.95: books
1.25: water
6.00: breakfast
2.00: Italian ice
100.00: going-home money
= 319.56

9:30 AM

Yesterday night I toured the Bog. My guide, Castagear, seemed almost universally well-known. We must have been to eight different encampments, including two large parties. I did enjoy myself, buy I realize that I don’t really belong in the Bog. I don’t drink, drum, or dance, which I found were the main past-times of Bog folk.

One pavilion from the Bog particularly stands out in my mind: Vlad’s Pleasure Pavilion. It is absolutely stunning. Three rooms to walk through, all covered in oriental-style carpets. Candles everywhere. A canopy bed. Stunning.

I woke, again, at 6:30 in need of the washrooms. Luckily I was able to fall back asleep again and catch up on the rest I missed the first two nights. The mattress didn’t leak nearly as much as yesterday, which is a Very Good Thing.

I assume, though I haven’t been outside yet, that it is cool and overcast. I assume this because I am still in my nylon tent, under a sleeping bag and heavy wool cloak, three hours after sunrise, and I am quite comfortable. I will wear warmer clothes.

Good news: merchants open today! Today I go shopping!

Late Afternoon

I did my first volunteer shift today: A&S point. It was actually a lot of fun. I met a bunch of people who are teaching classes I want to take. And, because of the teachers, I might add a few more to my “to take” list.

The first merchants have opened — about half. I am already so overwhelmed by choice. There is simply so much to look at (and buy). While I was planning on only window-shopping today, I have already bought three books for $50 US. Me and bookstores — bad combination.

I find myself wanting companionship. While K is a very nice person, I have found that she and I want different things. I don’t really think she’d be interested in my long, slow browsing of merchants.

I find that I keep worrying about the stories I heard before Pennsic, that everyone at Pennsic wants sex. I wish I had someone here I could just be myself with and not have the nagging thought that they’re only being nice because they want to have sex with me. I’ve barely met anyone my age — most are slightly older. I miss having people around I can just talk to and be my natural, somewhat flirtatious self without worrying.

I have been complimented several times today, which is nice. Twice I was called pretty (or beautiful), and once I was complimented on my ability to portray my persona. Of the two types, I am more pleased with the latter. I don’t really consider myself pretty, especially not in the fairly frumpy t-tunics I’ve been wearing. But I am pleased that people appreciate my role-playing. I haven’t been able to do it nearly enough yet.

I wish I had a guide who could tell me all the good merchants and the good places to see. Castagear was great last night — I really got a feel for Bog life (out of place as I felt in it).

I have discovered two things about my body:

1. It doesn’t really like my sandals. They’re okay, but not for long walks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to wear my other shoes because it’s been so wet around camp. I will probably buy a pair of medieval-style shoes tomorrow.

2. My back definitely doesn’t like an air mattress with a hole in it. I don’t even know where the hole is. All I know is that 6 hours after filling it, it is nearly half-deflated. My back hurts.

I think, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, this Pennsic ranks about a 4. I haven’t done much, and I’ve been mostly uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. Hopefully things will change tomorrow, when classes start. I wish some of my friends from home were here.

I think the next time I come to Pennsic, I will camp somewhere with no meal plan. I have found that I don’t really eat at camp, and it’s a hassle going back. I eat mostly at the food court. And, in the end, it only costs a little more, all things considered.

It’s starting to rain, so I will get somewhere dry.

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