Pennsic 2003 Diary: Wednesday, August 6

319.56 +
6.50: breakfast
0.75: class handout
65.00: shoes
10.00: tankard
25.00: camp food
= 426.81

Morning, about 8 AM

My bed is very damp from the humidity, but at last my back hurts less. I suspect my problem might be that my bed is not completely inflated, rather than a leak. I will try using a hand-pump this evening.

Today I will buy a new pair of shoes. My sandals are beginning to give my feet blisters, and my shoes (sneakers) would be useless with the wet ground (it rained again, briefly, last night). So today I buy new shoes.

I also take my first classes today. I am very much looking forward to that.

Not much else to say, really. Last night was a quiet one for me. Until later!

Early Evening

My feet are dry. This is a new and wonderful experience. I bought a new pair of shoes from Medieval Moccasins and they are wonderful. I haven’t tried walking in swampland with them yet, but they handle mud without my feet getting muddy. I appreciate this.

I also bought a new tankard that I can tie to my belt. I also appreciate that. Water is a wonderful, wonderful thing, as long as it’s not falling from the sky.

I feel a little dizzy despite the amount of water I’ve been drinking. I think it might be from mild dehydration. I will drink more, even though it feels like I’m floating.

Between buying those things, I took classes. Many classes. Here’s what I took today:

  • Throw away your wristwatch
  • Speaking forsoothly
  • How to have a more period Pennsic
  • Common courtesy and being a good member of the society

I am also planning on taking “Developing an early period persona with grace and style” later this evening. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

I met a very nice man named Patrick who works with the land agents. Actually, I met him yesterday but needed to leave abruptly. I saw him again today while waiting for Freya and he walked me back to camp.

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