Pennsic 2003 Diary: Thursday, August 7

426.81 +
2.00: Italian ice
2.00: bard
1.00: incense
3.00: ice
= 434.81


I slept gloriously last night! It turns out my mattress doesn’t have a hole, it just wasn’t filled well. I filled it with the hand-pump last night and it was firm all night. My back loves me.

I feel asleep early last night — 11:30. I slept late. My body, I think, had had enough of 4-hour sleeps and wanted more. Admittedly, I needed to use the washroom at 5:30 am, but I was able to fall back asleep afterwards.

I didn’t go to the class last night. Instead, I took a shower. Lukewarm water! I could actually stand under it. I even washed my feet. A good shower and a good nights’ sleep — who could ask for more?

Today I am having breakfast with our neighbours, Argent Company. Pancakes and bacon. Yummy. After that, I have two classes in the morning, and then I’m free the rest of the day. Maybe I’ll shop some more, maybe volunteer, maybe just go visiting. Who knows?

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

There are too many merchants! I went by “window-shopping” and taking notes on the merchants south of troll, at least the ones that were set up. I thought I had done them all until I realized there were more south of the barn! I already have 12 pages of notes, and that’s just those merchants.

Most of the stuff I saw will probably be for presents. Most of it doesn’t really fit my persona, but that’s okay. There’s some really cool stuff. I wish I had more place to put things. Money, though it would be nice to have more, is okay. It’s space I want.

I’ve also decided I’m not going to buy garb. I don’t really know what I want anyway, and most of what I do want I can probably make myself. Instead, I’ll buy patterns, fabric, and trim. I just don’t know how I’ll take it home.

I am quickly discovering that I don’t particularly like my campmates. I don’t dislike them, but they’re not people I’d hang out with normally. Around them, I feel young, naive, and unhelpful.

I also still feel fairly lonely. I don’t really know anyone buy Freya and K. Freya is a great person but not someone I’d just hang out with. K, I’m quickly realizing, though a great person, is very unlike me. There are some people I’ve met who are nice, but I haven’t really had any significant one-on-one conversations with anyone since I got here. Therefore, I feel lonely.

I missed half a class hunting for the teacher this morning, so I’m going to the repeat tonight or tomorrow morning.

I want to leave camp and wander, but I feel guilty leaving before dishes are done, especially since I wasn’t here for cooking. I can’t wait for T to get here and set up chores so I don’t need to feel guilty about abandoning camp. Ah well.

I think I’ll call my mom tonight if I can find my phone card. I miss her — and my best friend. There are so many things I could look at with him and laugh at, or admire.

I still don’t know what I’m doing tonight. I don’t want to stay in again, but I’m not that interested in the parties down at the Bog. Ideally, I’d find a nice guy who just wanted to hang out and talk, or maybe a bardic circle. Somehow, I don’t think either of those are likely.

Why does it seem that people my age are the minority here? I’ve seen many people in their mid-to-late twenties and their thirties, but relatively few in their low-twenties.

It sounds like it’s going to rain again. Damn. Just what we don’t need. At least it’s not my duty to figure out where to put people who get here tomorrow. Yay swamp. I have some things to do before sundown, so I’ll do them.

Night (1 hour past sunset)

I just spend an hour in Castagear’s tent. Nothing happened, though I’m sure he wishes something had. To his credit, he was a gentleman. I told him my limits and he did not cross them. All in all, we had a very good time.

Good news! S and D are here. D is here for his first Pennsic also. I’m actually older at Pennsic than someone! Tomorrow I will how him around what I know. He’s on his own for finding the rapier field, though. I have no idea where it is. I told him I would give him a token for when he’s fighting. He seemed very pleased with that.

D is camped in the tiniest tent I’ve ever seen. It is barely big enough to fit his body. I think he’ll be buying a new one tomorrow.

We had a wonderful lightening storm tonight. No rain — yet. There might be some tonight. It was really pretty, though.

Now I have to figure out what I want to buy tomorrow. Later!

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